About Freelance Web Developer Brisbane

I am Raj  freelance webdesigner and design website’s for small businesses and companies!

Who ?

"My name is Raj Sekhar Panitapu and I am a freelance web designer currently residing in Brisbane, Australia. I graduated in the year 2010 with a master's degree in Information Technology at James cook university, Brisbane. I am determined, hardworking and dedicated to being the best that I can possibly be."

What ?

"By day, I am freelance web developer and design websites based on Wordpress, Joomla (CMS). I can set up Online shopping carts to the existing websites based on Opencart or Magento. I do maintain existing web pages and introduction of new data. I can make creative webpages and fulfil the needs of both clients and users."

When ?

"I know, I spent much time on computer in learning new things, as everyone got their own passion. I am always available for freelance design and development work. Feel free to contact me any time."

Why ?

"I believe that life is a balance of professional pursuits, personal endeavors and spending time with those you love. I strive to do my best with what God has blessed me with and take full advantage of the opportunities he has given. I love life and the challenges it brings."